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Full Color Printed Box (Cardboard)

Packaging plays a key role in marketing your product. A printed box of good design helps your product to stand out from the crowd. Printed box made of cardboard is the most basic packaging you need. This type of box usually requires inner paper insert or tray to hold the product.
If your product is big or need more protection, a box made of corrugated paper is needed. please go to the relevant page: Printed Box (Corrugated)

Choice of material

One side coated duplex board (white surface/gray backside)
One side coated white board / SBS board (white surface / white backside)

Key Benefits
  • Attractive Printed Surface
  • Light weight material

Children categories

Packaging Card

Packaging Card (3)

Blister Card, Printed insert, Blister Shell, Clam Shell

Blister pack and clear clam shell are very common types of packaging. We can provide one stop production for you. You provided us the sample and a drawing of specification of the shell. We can make a dummy out of it. For blister and clam shell, material choices of PVC and PET (environmental friendly material) available.

Key Benefits
  • Eye-Catching
  • Compact and protective
  • Light weight
  • Ideal for items of relatively small to medium size
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